Theraband & Rebounding (step1)

Theraband & Rebounding (step1)

Rebounding exercises #4 (step 1)

In this video you learn:

How to use a Theraband as a “flexible holding bar” in order to gain stability when Rebounding.

We show you how to gain balance with the Theraband and how it can help you to mount a Rebounder and step down from it. We also show you where to pay attention that you do not damage the Theraband.




Failure of sticking to these instructions might lead to serious injuries or even death:

Always examine Therabands before use for nicks, small tears, or punctures that may cause the  band to break. If you find any flaws upon examination, discard the product and replace with a new one. Always store your Theraband at room temperature in a cold, dry place, outside of direct sunlight.

Protect your Theraband by keeping it away from sharp objects. Pay very much attention when you  use it with your Rebounder that the Theraband does not touch any sharp edge. Remove rings before using. Beware of sharp fingernails.
The Theraband, a latex-free Resistance Band, can cause serious injury when not used properly. Use Therabands only  upon the recommendation and under the direction of a trained, licensed health care professional. Do not use the resistance band in any manner that may cause them to snap towards the head and cause injury to eyes. Therabands are not a toy. Adult supervision is required at all times when children are exercising  with Therabands.


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  • Jim February 27, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    this information is great. i always wondered how you intended on using the theraband. thanks for the information.