Leaping, Looking, and Lymphing!

Posted on: June 25, 2013
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The story of a guy trying to maximize the healthfulness of exercise in as little time as possible! by Dunbar Gibson

When I started this rebounding experience, I really was out of shape. I did not even know at that point how much out of shape I was. However, when I did my first exercises on the bellicon, it became very obvious to me. And instead of just enjoying the ride, the first days were a bit rough. Then soon however, my body caught up and I learned how to coordinate and have more of a flow. From that moment on the ride was a fun one.

So don’t worry, if you find some of my descriptions of my first days a bit rough. It was was my body needed to wake up!


Rehab from acute neurological Lyme Disease

Posted on: February 18, 2013
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 Lori Tompkins tells us how she uses her bellicon to recover from neurological Lyme Disease.

The Yellow Kitchen – Chefs August 2012

Posted on: August 3, 2012
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There are six chefs cooking in the Yellow Kitchen:

  • Chef Babacyd
  • Chef Charpre
  • Chef LoveOurFourDogs
  • Chef Lady Di
  • Chef Progress
  • Chef  SunAvenger

QiBounding not only against Diabetes – blog by Pickleball Champion Billy Jacobsen

Posted on: February 27, 2012
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Hi everyone my name is Billy Jacobsen and I have been using the QiBounder for over a year now and I love it. I’m a type 1 diabetic and I’m also deaf so I use the QiBounder just about every day in order to help protect my eyes. Bouncing on a trampoline is the number 1 thing one can do for their eyes so I’m pretty fanatical about it. I try to rebound about an hour or so daily if I can.

I’m also a father of 4 and I’m this year’s national pickleball champion in both singles and doubles.  I use the Qibounder daily to help with my diabetes and to maintain my fitness for sports. – Billy Jacobsen

Rebounding to Rejuvenate – Blog by Beverly Wixon

Posted on: January 15, 2012
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    I’m so excited about QiBounding!
    I’m ready to increase my energy,
    improve my mood, and rejuvenate my whole being.
     Beverly Wixon

Heather’s Bone Density Blog

Posted on: September 16, 2011
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I am a 30 yo female with the bones of an 80 year old. I fell when i was 7.5 months pregnant walking out my front door steps and broke both of my feet. I spent 5 months in a wheelchair due to injury. when i finally got out of the wheelchair i had developed such bad osteoporosis the doctors were scared my bones might snap just from walking. I began researching supplements and took many- vitamin K2, Vitamin D, magnesium, a bone growth supplement containing calcium and boron, vitamin b12, etc. I ate well. i did physical therapy 3x/week to learn how to walk normally again. However i continued to injure myself, and get set back to wherei coudlnt walk for weeks on end. Finally six months after i got out of the wheelchair i was walking out of a movie theatre and my big toe broke! I spent another six weeks in a boot. I had my final check up with the orthopedist in october and my bones had barely made any progress towards building strength in the previous year despite all the efforts in diet and exercise. The upper body bones are strong, but the lower body bones (they assume from disuse) are very very weak and fragile. I am really hoping the rebounder can be the answer:)

Rebounding Journal of Lena L.

Posted on: August 25, 2011
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Lena L:  “I decided to write a Rebounding Diary because of how I felt on my 3rd day of Rebounding”:
After bouncing according to Sylvia’s Bone Density Project for 3 days (for just 2-3min two times per day) this is how I feel: I feel like a NEW person ! My back feels STRONG! I haven’t had this much ENERGY in years ! The PAIN in my back is gone !

I even feel taller? It feels like some switch have been turned in my body and all of a sudden things are working ??!! I am not a religious person but this feels like some healing power, like a story from the bible…. very hard to explain.

FAQ Rebounding Practice

Posted on: June 24, 2011
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This Blog is a “container” for questions in regards to Rebounding.
Post your question and we’ll answer it!

Bungee or Spring based Rebounder – what is the difference for YOU?

Posted on: February 6, 2011
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Today I ask all those of you who own or owned a spring based Rebounder and a bungee band Rebounder to tell us your experience with both of them. Is there a difference? Do you prefer one over the other or do you alternate in using them? Are you getting the same results with both of them?

I myself just had a great exchange with Health Expert and co-creator of David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference, Truth Calkins, about this theme. Read about his very impressive experience, the “miracle” how he called it.

And then let us hear your point of view!

Child, stay out of Truffles (trouble) – About Chocolate, Serotonine and Rebounding

Posted on: November 30, 2010
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I am not a saint and I am not likely to become one. However I try to live healthy and that means that I pay attention that I do not eat to much carbohydrates. Practically speaking, I reduce my sugar intake.
If you want to learn how I enjoy great chocolate AND stay on a low glycemic diet and where I get my mouthwatering truffles from – when I make an exception and step OFF my low sugar regime – or if you would like to get a chocolate experience without ANY calories, click here.

Osteoporosis and Rebounding

Posted on: August 12, 2010
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Osteoporosis is a big issue for about 50% of all women over 50 and of about 30% of all men over 50. I want to open this blog to exchange knowledge and experience in this field and I will at another point in time show you Rebounding exercises for bone strength.

Fibromyalgia – a question for you

Posted on: August 3, 2010
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This is a question for those of you who have experience with Fibromyalgia.

I know that some of you have Fibromyalgia and that Rebounding on a Bellicon Rebounder   has helped you. I have a client who suffers from  Fibromyalgia from the neck to the feet on both sides. She can hardly walk and even leaning over or stretching is hurting her. Swimming is hurting her neck. Can you tell me which kind of exercise has worked for YOU?

What is your experience? Thank you for your input.

“Jogging is bad for the skin” – what about Rebounding?

Posted on: May 8, 2010
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Jogging — Bad For Your Skin!
With a current epidemic of obesity happening everywhere among all age groups in America, more people are taking up some form of exercise in hopes of knocking off some of that unsightly flesh. Already, some 22 million Americans make a habit of jogging for health, exercise and – believe it or not — fun.

But a Colorado plastic surgeon has made some comparisons of his jogging and non-jogging patients while they were under the knife and urges a word of caution to those who want to take up running.

“Beware of jogging,” warns Denver plastic surgeon John A. Grossman, M.D. “Jogging can be bad for your skin! It can be particularly hard on the skin of both mens’ and womens’ faces. “For your skin’s sake, give up jogging and get a bike!” he says.

Science has already learned how year after year of jogging can be hard on ankles, knees and hips. It’s because the weight of your body is multiplied by a factor of five or six every time a foot strikes the ground. Jogging downhill is especially hard on the body and the underlying collagen as well as tissues of the face, breast, thighs and buttocks.

“I’m not saying forget exercise,” adds Dr. Grossman. “Just take up some form of low-impact workout like a bicycle, an elliptical trainer or swimming. “The hard impact and repetitive up and down motion of jogging on land or on a treadmill tears collagen, the body’s building block that creates healthy, youthful skin,” he says. “Your skin is something like a rubber band — continuous stretching through bouncing up and down causes it to lose elasticity. Plus, as we age the impact is much more dramatic.”

Because Dr. Grossman has spent so many years working closely with skin during various rejuvenation surgeries, he started noticing that patients who jog had much more saggy skin everywhere on their bodies compared to non-running patients. And, the older the patient, the worse the effect. He matched notes with other plastic surgeons and eventually mentioned his observation to an exercise physiologist who said it makes perfect sense.

“I think that no amount of jogging is good,” Dr. Grossman says. Hollywood funny lady Joan Rivers would agree. She has often said, the first time she sees a jogger smiling, she’ll consider taking it up. ”


This is my take (Sylvia):

I can easily believe that the above is true for Jogging on hard surface and Rebounding on a hard Rebounder (like some hard bouncing spring based Rebounders). From my experience, Rebounding on a soft surface – like the one provided by the Bellicon bungee band Rebounders – brings just the contrary: A rejuvenation of the skin.

The Reason:

The movement is LOW IMPACT. It takes long to come to a stand-still in the deepest point of the mat. The body is not shocked with an abrupt stop of movement. It’s like a slow motion kind of movement. And personally, I know so many people of all age groups who rebound on the Bellicon bungee Rebounders. They say that their skin is getting firmer through Rebounding.  No problem with skin sagging. I find the study extremely interesting.  And surely what John A. Grossman says is true for jogging and Rebounding on a hard Rebounder. But for the Bellicon Rebounder, I found that it’s just the opposite.



Write us below in the Comment section:

What is the greatest benefit you get from Rebounding?

Posted on: April 22, 2010
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We would like to hear from you why YOU are Rebounding and what the greatest benefits are for you and your life. THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH US.

How Often and How Long do you Rebound?

Posted on: March 28, 2010
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Let us know if you bounce regularly on your Rebounder or occasionally. Are you rebounding in the morning, in the evening? And how long are you rebounding normally?

Should I rebound when I have a cold or a flu?

Posted on: February 2, 2010
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Core Touch ring 4 greyA friend asked me today why I recommend

not to rebound when you have a cold or a flu. This is why:

Rebounding is detoxing the body. And when the body is already weakened by a cold or a flue, it is not helpful to detox at that time.  The first thing when you detox is that your body is releasing the toxins into your lymph system and from there into the blood. When the body is already weakened and needs all its strength to get better, it  is not the best timing to give your body more work. Just wait till the cold or flue is over and you are strong again, and then start Rebouding again. And don’t forget to drink a lot of good water!