7 Cooling Down & Stress Relief Exercises on the Rebounder

7 Cooling Down & Stress Relief Exercises on the Rebounder

In this video we  show you  a sequence of Rebounding exercises that you can do for

a)      Cooling Down after a workout

b)      Stress Relief after a working day

c)      Reestablishing your energy and strengthening the nervous system, especially for those who are concerned with depression, burnout or chronic fatigue.

It is a 7 step Rebounding program that takes about 9 minutes.

Here the description of the 7 Steps:

Step 1: Rooting

Stand in the basic position on the Rebounders. Feet at hip’s width.

Come into a very gentle bounce and imagine that a long grounding  cord goes from your tail bone down into the earth.  Imagine it going down through all the earth layers until it is at the iron core of the earth and wrap the cord around this iron ball. Become aware of the feeling of being routed.

This provides you great balance.

Step 2 –Shaking off

Come in a stronger bounce.  Lift shoulders and let them drop while shaking the arms.  Relax your face, your jaw, and relax the legs from the hips. Breath deeply and let yourself enjoy this relaxing bounce.

Step 3 –  Bouncing your butt (also called “Basket Ball”)

Lay on your back on the Rebounder. Feet on the ground. If the Rebounder is not large enough for you,  put a thin cushion under your head.

Push the heels slightly into the floor so that you can lift up your butt and start bouncing your butt. Do that in a relaxed way so that your full upper body is softly massaged by the bouncing movement.

Become aware of any tension in your body and let it go: Back, shoulders, arms, hand, legs, face, jaw.

Step 4 – Cradling

Pull your knees towards you and cross the feet (right foot over left foot).  Put your arms around your knees and start to softly cradle your body left and right. Enjoy the massage that you give yourself.

Then change the feet so that the left foot is now over the right foot and come into a cradling.

This movement has a very invigorating effect on your body as you touch all the acupressure points along your spine. It also loosens up the muscles at the base of your spine.

Step 5 –  Screw

Spread your arms to the sides. Your knees are still pulled towards you and now you move both knees to the right. Move your head to the left. Then stretch your legs out in direction of your right hand.

Breath deeply in and out.

Then bring the knees up and to the left side while your head goes to the right side. Stretch out the leg out in direction to your left hand. Deeply breathe in and out.

Now roll to one side, put your free hand on the rebounder frame and push down so that you come in a sitting position. Then stand up and go on the rebounder.

Step 6 – Gathering your Energy

Come into a soft bouncing. Bring the arms up on the sides and stretch high. Try to pick up the stars from the sky. Nice stretch.

With an exhaling bring the arms down with the palms of your hands facing down. Visualize that you are bouncing in an energy bubble.

With the next inhaling bring the arms up again with the palms of your hands facing up. Stretch at the highest point to full extension and with exhaling slowly bring the arms down again- palms facing down – and imagine that you gather the energy which is around you and bring it towards your feet.

With the next inhaling bring the arms up again. Stretch at the highest point to full extension and with the next exhaling bring the arms down and this time place the hands one over the other on your lower dantian or hara, which is just below your navel.  Guide the energy to the place inside you, just behind your hands.

Step 7  Stretching the legs

With a soft step descend your  Rebounder. If you want you can put the Rebounder on its side to help you balance.  Otherwise you can just do it free standing.

Hold  the Rebounder  with one hand.

Place one foot behind the other. The heel of the back leg is off the ground, the knee  of the front leg is over the toes. Go down as deep as you feel comfortable with.

Then bring the back leg a bit closer towards the front leg so that the heel comes to the ground.

Now bend both knees as far as possible. You feel the nice stretch on your calve muscles.

Then turn around and do the same exercises with the other leg.


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  • Mina July 17, 2010 at 10:24 am

    This is an awesome episode. Thank you so much. Now I know how I can use my mini trampoline when coming home from my workout. I also very much enjoyed the other video, the “workout BEFORE the workout. Thanks for your great work!